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PU Forklift Wheels


Kaiston Caster Profile

Beijing Kaiston Caster Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of  heavy duty casters, super heavy duty casters from 1982....
Beijing Kaiston Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of hand pallet trcuk, manual stackers and lift table since 2008..
Beijing Kaiston Equipment Co.,Ltd. also agent sales and export with Chain Block, Lever Hoist, Webbing Sling for foreign market...

Spec. & Description

Item No. Description & Spec. Dia. Size Tread Size Use Bearing Load Capacity
KW7060-1 Forklift Wheels
Iron Hubs + PU Tread
6204 double ball bearing
70mm 60mm 6204 800KGS
KW8050-1 80mm 50mm 6204 800KGS
KW8060-1 80mm 60mm 6204 800KGS
KW8070-1 80mm 70mm 6204 800KGS
KW8080-1 80mm 80mm 6204 800KGS
KW8090-1 80mm 90mm 6204 800KGS
KW16050-1 160mm 50mm 6204 800KGS
KW18050-1 180mm 50mm 6204 800KGS
KW20050-1 200mm 50mm 6204 800KGS


Products Lines

Caster Wheels Type Dia. Of Wheels Width Of Tread Load Capacity Range
PU Caster Wheels 75mm to 400mm 45mm to 350mm 250KGS --- 10000KGS
Rubber Caster Wheels 100mm to 400mm 50mm to 80mm 200KGS --- 1200KGS
Nylon Caster Wheels 100mm to 300mm 50mm to 70mm 250KGS --- 10000KGS
Steel Caster Wheels 100mm to 300mm 50mm to 70mm 250KGS --- 1500KGS
PP Casters 100mm to 300mm 45mm to 70mm 250KGS --- 320KGS
Scaffolding Casters 150mm to 200mm 45mm to 50mm 200KGS --- 400KGS
Spring Loaded Casters 150mm to 200mm 45mm to 50mm 250KGS --- 420KGS
Forklift Wheels 70*60mm, 80*50mm to 200*50mm 800KGS